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Dairy Equipment

Udder Care, Heat Detection & Herdsman Accessories

Welcome to Mole Valley Farmers’ Dairy equipment page, here you will find our comprehensive range of udder care equipment and herdsman accessories.


We have a wide range of udder care products including teat conditioning creams, Teat wipes and udder clothes.


We have a range of Herdsman accessories such as protective clothing and herd identification and management tools such as tag applicators, bray magnets and a portable gas udder hair remover which is an invaluable tool for udder hygiene.


Other items include Chlorinated rubber paint that is perfect for use on surfaces in dairies or parlours, dairy chemicals, Milk testing kits and cattle immobilisers and hobbles.



Store Locator For website enquiries and online orders phone 01769 576419 (8.30am - 5.30pm 5 days a week)