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Fertiliser, Weed/Pest Control


 Welcome to Mole Valley Farmers’ fertiliser, weed & pest control page, here you will find our comprehensive range of weed control and animal deterrent products.


We have a range of animal deterrents suitable for deterring cats, moles and other wild animals. To deter birds from landing on buildings or structures there are bird spikes. To deter pets cats and dogs there is an battery powered outdoor pest repeller that doesn’t affect birds or fish. Mole repellent is great for helping to prevent your lawns being destroyed.


We have a wide range of fertilisers including bone mean manure, plant food and organic plant growth stimulant to help promote strong plant growth. Our handheld and knapsack pressure sprayers and accessories are an ideal solution for distributing your plant supplements.


We also have a wide range of insecticides and fungicides such as ant powder, wasp nest destroyer foam and fungicides. In addition we have a wide range of weed killers and tools such as the Fiskars weed puller & the Weed Wand which is a perfect organic method of weed removal.

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