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Fuel Cans & Lubricants

Fuel & Oil Cans, Grease guns, cartridges, oil and rust preventers

 Welcome to our fuel cans & lubricants page.


We have a range of fuel cans such as handy plastic combi fuel cans & steel Jerry Cans along with accessories such as plastic measuring jugs and funnels.


We have oil cans with flex spouts that are ideal for lubricating parts in tight areas or where precision is needed and a range of grease guns for more substantial lubricant needs such as the Draper Grease Gun.


We have a range of release & penetrating oil including Duck Oil & WD40. There are also rust preventers such as Waxoyl to help preserve metal surfaces. If rust becomes an issue on an untreated surface Hammerite Rust Remover could help.

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