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Poultry Supplies



Welcome to Mole Valley Farmers’ Poultry Supplies page where you will find our comprehensive selection of chicken supplies including poultry feeders, chicken feed, hatching equipment, health care, housing and chicken wire.


Choosing your Chickens

First you need to choose your chicken!  You need to decide whether you want them just for eggs or for meat as well. There are lots of different breeds to choose from, but the best kind for the first time owner looking for a pet and a few eggs is one of the hybrid breeds.  These have been bred to be ‘human-friendly’ and to lay regularly – as much as one a day.  A dual purpose bird lays eggs and is ideal for meat as well. 

Even in small flocks, wherever you are rearing chicks cockerels will be a result.  More than one cockerel will usually mean fights, so extra cockerels are often culled for meat.  Many people keep chickens and other fowl purely for pleasure and even when the main reason for keeping a small flock is for egg or meat production, there is still great enjoyment to be had from seeing birds about the place.


There are many local suppliers who will be very happy to explain the different breeds and the advantages of each.  To get started, it is best to buy ‘point of lay’ (POL) chickens.  They are around 16 weeks old and, as the name suggests, ready to start to lay.  Your breeder will also have had the chickens vaccinated.  Also, don’t forget to check whether they have clipped their wings.


Once you have your chickens you will need your supplies, this is where we come in, galvanised and plastic chicken feeders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Choose from a variety of different turkey and chicken feed available at reasonable prices including organic feed and chick feed.


At Mole Valley Farmers, we sell a selection of incubators and hatching equipment from top of the range incubators, which hold a large number of eggs to infrared bulbs. Whether you are a small holder with a dozen chickens or a farmer with several dozen you will find the right incubator for your brood.


Keeping your poultry in peak condition is essential, especially if you intend to profit from your poultry. Choose from a wide range of health care products designed to keep your animals healthy from disinfectant to mite spray.


Keep your poultry safe and secure in our wide range of poultry housing, arks and base runs. Choose from a number of different styles and sizes to suit the number of chickens you keep. Also, buy chicken wire and electrified poultry netting to stop your birds from escaping and to protect them from other animals.


To find out more about keeping chickens you can read our online guides from choosing your chickens and getting to know then, to choosing the right housing as well as feeding and breeding.  Find out more here >

Download our Free Guide to Keeping Chickens here >


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