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Vermin & Fly Control

Vermin Control - Bird Scarers, Poisons & Baits, Traps & Air Rifles

Welcome to Mole Valley Farmers’ vermin and fly control page where you will find our comprehensive range of vermin and fly control products and supplies.

Scarecrows can be a thing of the past, thanks to today’s more effective bird deterrents. Choose from bird scaring gas guns to wind powered Hawkeye bird scarers.

Keep mice, rats and other pests at bay with electronic pest controls designed to repel or in more extreme cases kill.

Flies and pests can be a problem for animals and people alike, especially on farms, which is why at Mole Valley Farmers we supply a wide selection of fly paper and ribbons, zappers, insecticides, adulticides and larvicides.

For humane capture of pests, buy live traps, including rat traps, mole and mouse traps which come in a range of sizes designed to capture foxes, magpies, rabbits, squirrels, mink, rats and mice. There are also a range of traps and rodenticides including rat baits and mouse and rat poisons for more persistent problems. 

Our brands include Neoprex | Ecokill | Oxyfly | Pfizer Coopers Spot On | Ecozap | Flyson | Ecolamp | Deosan Insectaway | Vulcan Fly Spray | Net-Tex | Agrikil | Rentokil | Scatterbird | Pest-Stop | Procter Pest-Stop | Slaymor | Tomcat Rat Bait | MVF Difenacoum Whole Wheat Bait | MVF Bromadiolone Whole Wheat Bait |

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